Is a blooming garden in pale colors…

Artisanal Mykonos hosts for the summer season, a series of selected works of the contemporary Greek painter Thomas Tournavitis, entitled “Faces in a Face” .



 Thomas Tournavitis’s works are portraits of people bathed in the sunlight and the sense of motion which are infinitely present. The idea of continual change, law of the universe, along with the unity of contradictions in space, reveal a personal colour palette exposed at the Greek sunlight. A Modern Greek viewpoint about the portrait in a world of motion.



The art historian Annita Patsouraki mentions: “ The work of Thomas Tournavitis is directed by theoretical and technical education inspired by ideals and diachronical moral values. He is following the steps and signs of faith, in what he taught, he summarises the compositions with honoured facts and faces, social incidents, events and characters in an ecumenical  atmosphere .

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The descriptive austerity of his work revives images of tradition and boldly reflects a new Hellenistic writing… With reflection, self-knowledge and intense internal search, the painter guides his childhood memory-experiences for the regeneration and creation of a new school.”


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 The Artisanal Mykonos is a blooming garden in pale colors, located in the heart of Mykonos’ entertainment.One can enjoy dinner in an elegant lounge atmosphere in the center of islands heart.

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