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Cocktail, Oil on Canvas, 171x200 (detail) Cocktail, Oil on Canvas, 171x200 (detail)

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...the villages of Rembrant, Picasso, Van Goghand…Rousseau, Gogh and other distinctive Names were...

             On Tuesday 21st of January 2014, Gradska Galerija Bihać  presents the latest painting series of Thomas Tournavitis, "Cyclopia" .  The Opening coincides with the birth date of Thomas Tournavitis, which will be celebrated accordingly. (Bosanska 15, 77000 BIH).

          The series translates the meaning of Odysseus's partners. His partners are and  will remain  "Nobody" for Life.Metaphorically, they are people and attitudes that will stay infamous and unknown as much as, the residents of Hamnoya in Norway, in Bourtange of Netherland etc. The Partners of Odysseus are somebody who lived in the villages of Rembrant, Picasso, Van Goghand…. Rembrant, Rousseau, Gogh and other distinctive Names were "Nobody", fought and lived, the same agony and stress of "Nobody", to defeat Cyclope's concern and  managed to become the one with thename, Odysseus"With one way or another, everybody futures to live its own Cyclopia. Either with a role of Odysseus or the role of his Partners". DL



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