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Thomas Tournavitis in his Atellier Thomas Tournavitis in his Atellier Photography : Christina Exarchou

Interview | Eternal Optimist Mag

His parents used to work in the Greek army. At the same time they were both artists and creative minds.

He studied in 13 different schools before deciding to study art at the Fine Art University of Derby in the Midlands of the UK, encouraged by renowned sculptor Nikos Stefos. Meanwhile, he was also a professional skater, a hip hop musician and worked a photographer for some time. But who is Thomas Tournavitis? We met him at his studio in a kind of dodgy area of Athens, one month before his solo show entitled "Cyclopia" at the JAVA gallery in Sarajevo (BiH) and had a long discussion with him during which he expressed himself passionately, pushing up the tone of his voice at some points that we couldn't understand what exactly motivated him to do so. Ok, he is a painter and a sculptor. Is he a true bohemian? An noncomformist? You can figure it out by yourselves by reading the interview he gave us below.

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