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Thomas Tournavitis Thomas Tournavitis at studio

The Artist

"Faces in a face, moments in a moment, places in a place. The idea of continual change, law of the universe, along with the unity of contradictions in space, reveal a personal colour palette exposed at the sunlight. Selected orbits and points of my oils, compose morphs that refuse the static. A Modern Greek viewpoint about the portrait in a world in motion." 

Thomas Tournavitis was born in 1981 in Athens, Greece. 
He studied at the atelier of sculptor Nikos Stefos (1997-1999). He graduated in 2005 from the University of Fine Arts in Derby (UK) with a BA in Fine Arts and continued his postgraduate studies in Berlin, Germany (2006-2007). He worked as a former Lecturer at the DIEK in Volos and as an Art teacher in public and private Primary Schools in Greece (2008-2010). Since 2008 has enjoyed a successful painting career in which he has been the subject of 34 international solo exhibitions. He has featured in over 133 painting group shows and major public visual projects worldwide. His works adorn private collections in Melbourne, New York, Miami, Paris, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Montpellier, London, Busan, Athens, Zagreb, Nicosia, Sarajevo and many more. T T Studio is located at the mountain Pelion in Greece.


Selected Exhibitions


Painting I, Toss gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 2011 sold out
Painting II, Orfeos 20, Xanthi, Greece 2012
Painting III, Achillion Theatre, Volos, Greece 2012
Idols, Melanythros art gallery, Athens, Greece 2013 sold out
Cyclopia, galerija Java, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina 2013
Cyclopia II, gradska galerija, Bihac, Bosnia Herzegovina 2014
Cyclopia III, Ismos art space, Athens, Greece 2014
Thalassa, Kourd gallery, Athens, Greece 2014 sold out
Sommelier, La Courette gallery, Montpellier, France 2014
Thalassa II, School of Art & Design, Zagreb, Croatia 2015 
Thalassa III, galeria Cit, Bratislava, Slovakia 2015
Thalassa "
œuvres choisies", galerie Desmos, Paris, France 2016 
White Plume, Balkan art gallery, Xanthi, Greece 2016

Thalassa "selected works", Pirée, Piraeus, Greece 2017 sold out
Saints in Carousel, Technohoros art gallery, Athens, Greece 2017
Idols & Olympians, Art:ig gallery, Munich, Germany 2017 sold out
Saints in Carousel, Centre of Contemporary Art Diatopos, Nicosia, Cyprus 2017
Topoils, Estudio gallery, Kiffisia, Athens, Greece 2018
Topoils II, M.E.T.H-Museum of Visual Arts in Heraclion, Crete, Greece 2018
Faces in a Face, Artisanal, Mykonos, Greece 2018
Saints In Carousel, Pirée, Piraeus, Greece 2018
Neopontus, Melanythros art gallery, Athens, Greece 2019 
Couples, Artisanal, Athens, Greece 2020
Embrace, Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece 2021  upcoming



5+3, Spirer Building, Volos, Greece 2009
Τrilogy, Custom Building, Volos, Greece 2010
Τrilogy Pt2, Hatzigianneio Museum, Larisa, Greece 2010
Piraeus, Pinacotheca, Piraeus, Greece 2011
Unesco Artists, Kourd gallery, Athens, Greece 2011
Endima Peripatou, Latsio Town Hall, Pyrgos, Greece 2014
Asian Highway, Seokdang Museum of Art, Busan, South Korea 2015
Literary Illustrations, Museum of Visual Arts, Herakleio, Crete, Greece 2016
Adriatica, Ancient Ovens art space, Macerata, Italy 2016
My Fictitious Homeland, The Loft, Athens, Greece 2017
D’aujourd’hui à demain L’art grec contemporain, galerie Desmos, Paris, France 2018 
Integral Relationships, Museum of Visual Arts Herakleio, Crete, Greece 2019
The Exiled Gods, Melanithros Gallery, Kallimarmaro Std., Athens, Greece 2019



Pinacothèque Giorgos N. Vogiatzoglou - Athens, Greece

Nestor De la Cruz Munoz - Miami, Florida

Wolfgang Altmueller - Austria / Germany



International Conferneces


Kastel Mojmirovce, Slovakia 2012

Pocitelj, Bosnia Herzegovina 2013

Özyegin University, Instabul 2014






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